Another new attempt - high imitation Panerai produced movement P.3000 Detailed

If I remember correctly, this movement in the high imitation watch the world's first time in the end of September 2014, but as of now, whether genuine or high imitation table, the Internet rarely On this movement publicly related evaluation. Then I will try to make this evaluation of the movement do in detail, and will not let you Tell me empty-handed, if you intend to buy high imitation P.3000 movement equipped with high imitation table, or you want to know what I think Of the P.3000 movement. Then this article is worth a look. First to briefly introduce the authentic P.3000 movement Genuine: Genuine P.3000 movement is replica watches uk independently developed by Panerai a movement, this movement at the beginning of the design, that is, as the Panerai manual movement in the movement of the flagship movement to carry out the production. With Incabloc® shock absorbers, and without gossamer springs, the Glucydur® balance wheel, all suppliers are the industry's leading manufacturers of advanced products. At the same time Panerai in this movement on the use of a double barrel made this movement of the energy storage to 72 hours or more. Imitation: Imitation of the P, 3000 movement is made using the imitation of the UNITAS-6497-2-based movement, but it is worth noting that the so-called basic movement is followed in most of its structure, such as power conversion, drilling Bit design, the key gear design, adjust the time of the way, etc. can not be reversed movement structure. But this movement is to focus on changes in energy storage, of course, this is all we can see, and in order to provide more space to the energy storage of this movement, also changed the balance wheel, and the corresponding escapement . Of course, these things through this article, I will simply do something about the future, I will explain later. note: I said the purpose of rolex replica this thing, just to let everyone realize that this movement is not a 1: 1 engraved Super P.3000. There is absolutely no so-called Super P.3000 movement, many original P.3000 movement with Of the function, this high imitation of the P.3000 movement is still not reach. It can only be much like the P.3000 movement looks UNITAS-6497-2. Well, on the previous tips on the friendship here, this article was completed in 2015.5.18 days, if it is through the search engine to understand this article, pay attention to the text of the time the text. Perhaps again in the future there will be a better engraved P.3000 movement appears. When I will once again detailed. Appearance View: Through the appearance of the real shot on the map we can see that this movement has been the appearance of the original Panerai P.3000 movement fully understood. Regardless of the placement of the shock absorber, as well as the balance wheel position, as well as the location of the plywood are exactly the same exactly what authentic. There is no doubt that this is the most perfect P.3000 movement of the solution. Detailed explanation: All lettering is imitation of the past Panerai 6497 Department of the lettering of the movement experience, the first movement plate hit the metal imprint, and then filled with blue pigment, so that can effectively prevent the future use of the process of fade. At the same time in the selection of the shock absorber on the movement card on a real shock absorber, while the gooseneck neck and trimming functions have done a corresponding modification. And in their own way so that this watch is still able to travel relatively stable. Special balance wheel design This balance of the balance wheel is specially designed balance wheel, unlike the ordinary balance wheel, so fine tuning for this watch need more than other watches with patience and technology. Precision & Stability check The figure is on the movement of the 5 surface of the difference between the inspection results, here to declare that this movement of the factory mark qualified day difference of less than 45 seconds, which is based on QB / T 1249-2004 I class first-class industry standards to be marked. And I managed the high imitation table mall, according to QB / T 1249-2004I class class to be calibrated, so this table the final measured comprehensive difference in about 20 seconds. First appearance - escapement system This is the first time I have to explain to you the internal parts of the watch movement, this movement is used for the vertical escapement system stacked escapement, this escapement is a general system of leveraged escape If you are interested in want to know the relevant technical details, you can refer to the patent number: CN100587627C, can be written in a number of ways, I am here to give you some easy to understand things, first of all, what is escapement in simple terms, the escapement has two roles ①: the escapement of the power system to provide regular transmission of energy to balance the balance wheel and gossamer system to maintain the power of the system; ②: the escapement of the balance wheel gossamer system vibration to the number of indicators to the device to achieve the purpose of measuring time. So in the watch movement of the replica watches world, this is a very, very important amount of parts, which is some big watch group, once the breakthrough in the escapement will immediately wantonly advocated the real reason. Detailed Explanation of Power Conduction Through the above figure we can see that this movement has two different size barrel, this design is to imitate the genuine design of the basic movement after the completion of the transformation. Combined with the above I described the role of the escapement and the use of the combination of pictures, I believe you can learn more about the role of escapement in-depth and thorough. summary: Well, I believe you Tell me about this paragraph in China made engraved P.3000 movement has a full understanding of the, here I give you a summary On the appearance: At present, in addition to the original, can not find the second better choice P.3000 movement program. Precision: This movement is no second hand design, so the difference in less than 60 seconds are difficult to see, and there is no point like the exact scale, is undoubtedly to the obsessive-compulsive disorder patients a good relief, such as my own On energy storage: the current domestic energy storage time of the longest manual winding movement, On the innovation: This movement is no doubt in the "change machine" on another innovation, similar to the past, the seagull ST2146 movement into the Rolex Cal.3135 attempt, but this time the changes in the shock absorber , Balance wheel, deck, energy storage system, escapement, and some other key parts have done a lot of improvements. So this is indeed a full of innovative P.3000 movement. On the defect is not a defect: On the accuracy of stability These are the eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom. If compared with the authentic, it is certainly genuine excellent. But it is worth noting that there are many manufacturers of this movement production technology, and I believe we all know that with a movement, produced by different manufacturers, accessories are not common. So we consider buying a watch equipped with P.3000 movement when the seller's after-sales capability or to be noted. After all, who do not want to buy a bad, no one can repair the watch.